Who are we?

Welcome to our world of fashion innovation and sustainability! We are three Danish visionaries who turned a simple idea into a reality: an apparel store unlike any other, blending modern design tools with timeless style.

Our Roots: The Birth of a Unique Idea
It all began with a shared passion for fashion and a desire to make a statement. Our journey commenced with a singular focus on creating high-quality hoodies under the brand "Bregos Brando". However, as creativity knows no bounds, we soon found ourselves expanding into designing caps. This led to the birth of "Creative Caps", a venture that quickly grew beyond our wildest dreams.

But why stop there? We realized our potential to offer a diverse range of apparel, leading to the creation of our mega store. A place where creativity is limitless, and every design is a reflection of our artistic vision.

Our Philosophy: Sustainable, Made-to-Order Fashion
Our core belief is that fashion should be both sustainable and exceptional. We adopted a made-to-order system to ensure zero waste and minimal environmental impact. This approach not only aligns with our sustainability goals but also makes us cost-effective, as we don't need to maintain large inventories.

Quality and Statement: The Hallmarks of Our Designs
Every piece in our collection is crafted with the utmost care, ensuring that it's not just clothing but a statement piece. Whether it's a hoodie, a cap, or any other apparel, we guarantee that it's made with the highest quality materials and designed to make you stand out.

A Continuous Journey of Creativity
Our story is one of continuous evolution. From our humble beginnings with hoodies to the diverse range we offer today, we remain committed to innovation. We are constantly developing new designs and expanding our apparel range to bring you the latest in fashion.

Join Us in Redefining Fashion
We invite you to be a part of our journey. A journey where fashion meets creativity, sustainability, and quality. Explore our collection and find not just clothes, but pieces that define your style, make a statement, and resonate with your individuality.

Welcome to our world, where every design tells a story and every garment is a piece of art.

Meet the founders


Theis Vincent

Theis is the technological heartbeat of Creative Hub Shop. With a rich
background in web development and automation, he is our versatile 'jack
of all trades'. His expertise in digital transformation shapes our
brand's innovative and sustainable approach to fashion.


Christian Mølholm

Meet Christian, the idea generator of Creative Hub Shop. His proactive
nature keeps our design pipeline overflowing with innovative concepts.
Not just a creative mind, Christian also diligently handles SEO and
webshop updates, ensuring our online presence is as dynamic as our


Steffen Søndergaard

Steffen is our design virtuoso and marketing guru. He combines
impeccable design skills with sharp marketing strategies, ensuring our
offers reach you perfectly. Also a talented DJ, Steffen brings rhythm
and energy to our team, infusing creativity into every aspect of our